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Cannington Equestrian Centre Flu Policy - updated 15/02/2019

We have restrictions in place to ensure we are safeguarding the wellbeing of our horses at Cannington.

Due to the increase in the number of reported cases of Equine Flu via the BEF & AHT we will be implementing the “within the last 6- month booster” as mandatory for all horses entering Cannington Equestrian Centre until further notice.

Any horse coming in to Cannington Equestrian Centre must have had its booster or have been vaccinated in the last 6 months. (As all of our horses have been). Please note you MUST also leave 7 days after any Flu vaccine before being allowed on site.

Please bring your passport with you and be prepared to show it to a member of staff if requested.

We also request that people continue to comply with the BEF advice that you MUST NOT take your horse to an event or competition if your horse is unwell. It’s essential that any horses showing signs of possible equine flu, or horses that might have been in contact with possibly infected horses, do not travel to competitions or other events where there will be groups of horses. If your horse has been in contact with an infected horse we suggest that you should take veterinary advice.

If you have a season pass please bring your passport to the office or email us over a picture of it before you next come to use the arena.

Thank you all for your understanding and compliance.